Events @ Grace

Palm Sunday is not canceled.
We may not be able to meet and worship in person, but we can still worship our Lord, Jesus Christ.

May the peace of the Lord be with you and your loved ones this Palm Sunday,
and always.  Amen.



We are journeying through Lent together!

This thoughtful season of Lent leads us into a time of introspection,
self-reflection, and intimate moments with God.  How fortunate are we that we can commune with the Creator of the Universe?!  This is a time where we can admit and ask forgiveness for our shortcomings, perhaps practice self-denial by foregoing something we might typically indulge in, and maybe even
ADD some type of service to others
in the name of LOVE,
which is Jesus Christ, our Lord.

 Throughout this season of  Lent our Grace Church family will have services, events, activities, learning, fellowship, growth in the Lord, and
fun on our calendar!

Our Grace Church family is growing, and we want you to know that
you are WANTED as part of it and
to grow along with us

Questions? Email, or call the church office at 856-665-4117 for more info.

Events and Announcements 

Please visit our Facebook page for the most up to the minute information and posts from Grace!


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