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The Second Sunday After the Epiphany
January 16, 2022

2022 0116 COVER

John 2:1-11

Jesus’s first miracle is a sign.
The divine reality behind the miracle is
even more significant than the miracle itself.
Jesus, and his blood of salvation represented by the wine,
speaks to the salvation, abundance, and new life that we have
available to us as believers in Christ.
The setting is a joyous wedding celebration where Jesus has created
something new and wonderful from something ordinary and commonplace.
Jesus created it in abundance for all of us to believe and to be partakers.
Let us be joyous and celebrate God’s grace in holy communion with Jesus.

Service Bulletin

Click here for the 9 AM Joint Service Bulletin for this Annual Meeting Sunday


Grace Adapts

We have adapted for reopening, and things may seem different, but our desire to worship in the name of the Lord remains steadfast.

Grace Church family members, friends, and visitors will be welcome to attend and worship in person or continue to attend and worship online via our Facebook page as we will continue to stream services.

Our Grace Church family is growing, and we want you to know that
you are WANTED as part of it and
to grow along with us

Questions? Email, call the church office at 856-665-4117, and/or request to be on our email list for more info.

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Events and Announcements 

Please visit our Facebook page for the most up to the minute information and posts from Grace!

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