Meet Our Vestry, Ministry Leaders & Staff

The Vestry 2023

Rev. Bob Fitzpatrick, Rector

Mary-Elizabeth Gaskill, Senior Warden (term ending 1/2024)
Estella Plaza, Junior Warden
(term ending 1/2025)

Class of 2024
Bob O’Reilly (term ending 1/2024)
Kathy Shaloo (term ending 1/2024)
Kathy Witzig (term ending 1/2024)

Class of 2025
Lee Adams (term ending 1/2025)
Linda Purves (term ending 1/2025)

Jill Weber (term ending 1/2025)

Class of 2026
Marian Daly (term ending 1/2026
Anna Hopkins (term ending 1/2026)
Amy Smith (term ending 1/2026)

Officers appointed annually
by the Vestry

Clerk:  Julia McGraw


What does the Vestry do?

The vestry meets each month to review and approve normal monthly operational expenses of the church, receive reports from various committees, plan and approve capital improvement projects, and attend to concerns within the parish.


The vestry meets on the Second Tuesday of each month at 7:00 PM.
All are welcome to attend.

Ministry Leaders

Acolyte Director, Alex Hopkins

Altar Guild Directress, Kelly A. Sneddon 

Altar Guild Assistant Directress, Becky Martin 

Director of Christian Education, Anna Hopkins

Episcopal Church Women (ECW), Anna Hopkins

Financial Secretary, Lee Adams

Men’s Club, Stan McGraw

Prayer Group, Julia McGraw

St. Paul’s Breakfast Program, Rachel and Lee Adams

Thrift Shop, Eve Hartshaw

Vacation Bible School, Julia and Stan McGraw

Committees and Teams

Video and Online Ministry Team

Michael Bucciarelli, Cathy Hawn, Amy Kranick,
Becky Martin, Julia McGraw, Estella Plaza

Public Health Team

Rachel Adams, Mary Elizabeth Gaskill, Wardens, Rector

Food Pantry

Estella Plaza


Rev Robert J Fitzpatrick photo - Nov 11 2021

Rev. Bob Fitzpatrick, Rector

tonyotlowski bio pic

Anthony Otlowski, Music Minister


Julia McGraw, Administrative Assistant

To contact a ministry leader or staff, please email
or call 856-665-4117.

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